We are Gem Travel & Tours

Where does one begin?

Employees - they come, and they go; that is the reality of today's workplace. But here in this place, it is our home. We are all about supporting each other in ensuring the success in our delivery. We have been around for a long time; some of us have attended each others' wedding, celebrated our children's birth and seen them grown to University and beyond. And - WE are still here; almost 99% of us!

Our Clients - How do they respond? Think of it as a courtship. They all say the same thing through the many years; "Good heavens, You are still here!" The rapport we have built to date is the foundation of our success. We have no goodbyes; only "Thank you". Long term relationships are founded on showing interest and establishing mutual grounds. Almost 30 years in business - that record speaks for itself. AND we are still here !

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